Friday, February 14, 2014

Glen Rose

....Well I've been quite the slacker with my blogging...

It's not to say that we haven't been on great adventures and that life is not going well.  It's quite the opposite.  We've been enjoying life and doing well in our careers.  All is going quite well.  However, I've missed sharing little pieces of my life in the blogosphere.  Specifically, I've missed challenging myself to take pictures, try new styles and document the adventures my husband and I go on.  

That being said, there's no long explanation needed.  I just need to jump right back in.  

So here are a few pictures from our latest trip to Glen Rose, Texas.

Our first stop was, Pie Peddlers, where we indulged in their Very Berry and Coconut Cream Pie. 

The two bakers who were also our servers treated us to some pie crust hearts with their "chocolate pudding", which was really just the filling for their chocolate pie.  Needless to say, I was not upset.

I saw this sign, driving through Glen Rose a few weeks ago for a work event and it pretty much inspired me to look up the town and see if it was a place worthy of a weekend trip.  Turns out the sign is for the restaurant, Hollywood & Vine.  We made our way there for lunch today and it was such a fun spot with delicious burgers. 

We stopped by Dinosaur Valley State Park, which has real dinosaur tracks in the park so considering my obsession with Jurassic Park, I was more than a little excited.  Unfortunately, the park a let down.  The tracks were barely recognizable and the park wasn't updated.  However, what we did next made up for my disappointment...

...We decided to also stop by Fossil Rim Wildlife Center and drove around feeding live animals.  It was stupid fun. 

Seriously, we could not stop laughing at how funny the whole experience was.  

We finished up our day with lunch and then a quick dessert at Storiebook Cafe.  I'm not gonna lie, I kept calling this place Storybrook, thanks to Once Upon a Time.  It was a restaurant/bookstore.  Since it was just my husband and I hanging out in there, I felt like Belle in Beauty and the Beast, sitting in a library, having a waiter give me whatever I wanted (which ended up being a brownie fudge supreme).  It was truly magical.  I snapped out of it when we had to pay for the sundae. 

Overall, we had an amazing Valentine's trip.  

We're not really the kind of people to celebrate Valentine's Day, but if Valentine's Day comes with random trips to small town Texas, I'm pretty sure we could become the kind of people who celebrate such occasions.

Any day with this guy is a reason to celebrate.  

Here's to love!