Thursday, June 6, 2013

Tunnel Vision

We always have such a blast in Las Vegas, so here are a few pictures to show you what we did...and what I wore, of course.  

At Gordon Ramseys' restaurant, Burgr.  (such a lame name)

The Bachanel buffet at the Bellagio.  

My first visit to Topshop!

Tried on this bathing suit and it definitely looked way cuter on the hanger.

My favorite outfit from this week.  I almost bought the hat.

Dirty elevator mirror.

You bet your sweet bottom we bet on the Spurs. 

While our trip was brief, it was well worth the time.  We had a blast together and I even went indoor skydiving which is totally unlike anything I do ever...because I think I'm going to die if I ever to anything extreme.  

Coming back home, of course, was just a huge reality check.  I know it has to happen, but why can't we all just be on vacation forever? 

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Good as Marigold

My sister in law had a blast snapping photos of me on during my graduation weekend.  It would be amazing to have her around more often so I didn't have to consistently put that pressure on my husband.  Either way, we were waiting for quite a long time to eat at Ellen's Southern Kitchen.  We wanted to check out this restaurant in West End because we'd had a friend recommend it to us and we heard they had chicken and waffles.  However, they did not have chicken and waffles, so we were pretty disappointed.  If it weren't for the amazing food we ended up ordering, that disappointment would have lingered.  Instead the only thing that lingered was the food in our bellies.  It was truly some of the best food I've ever had in Dallas.

My mom bought me this sweet dress in hopes that it would work for my brother's wedding, but I really wanted to stay true to the mustard color that my brother's fiance' was going for.  As you can see here, I was really happy with the dress I chose, but I was also really happy to get this cute trendy dress from my madre.  There's still something really sweet to me about having my mom treat me by buying me a new dress.  It was on sale of course because she's the one who taught me to be so frugal.  

It's going to be a busy next few weeks, so I'm really hoping I can get all of my priorities straight and stay focused.  Even though my students are on summer break, we are most definitely not, so I need to keep my head in it.  

Here's to super bright yellow dresses!

{Dress: Gift from my mom: Dillard's 
Shoes: Payless ($19.99)
Earrings: Gift from my sister: Francesca's ($16.99)}

Sunday, June 2, 2013


My cousins and I.  My cousin and I went to undergrad and graduate school together!

My best seminary girlfriend.

I love this picture with my parents.

My cutie husband and I.

My gorgeous and newly dreaded cousin, Vanessa.

Some of my closest friends in seminary.

This pretty much sums it up...

Siblings. :) 

Well, I am a few weeks late to post these but graduation was a huge highlight of this past month.  

This day has been four years coming and as I reflect back, I realize how much this decision to go to seminary and move to Dallas really has changed the trajectory of what I believed my life would look like...and that's not a terrible thing.   I am still able to maintain close relationships with my family.  I've made new friends here and find myself in a career that really stretches what I ever thought I believed I could accomplish.  My seminary education really did help me to figure out who I was and what I believed.  Now I feel like I can celebrate not only my education being fulfilled, but also the a better understanding of myself in ministry.  

So bummed I didn't get any pictures of my actual outfit.  Oh well. 

Have a great week!