Thursday, December 29, 2011

Round my Hometown

This morning my parents, Austin and I went to Magnolia Pancake Haus and had a delicious brunch. Ghiradelli chocolate chip pancakes, scrambled eggs, and sausage is a great way to start a morning. The place was packed, too, so I'm just glad we got in without having to wait our full 75 minute wait!

Once my brother caught up with us, he and Austin and I went to get check out Evolution Skateboards so that my brother could spend some of his Christmas money. We rode with the windows down as the weather was absolutely perfect. They also endured more thrift shopping with me and a trip to Buffalo Exchange. They are the best, seriously.

These pictures were taken, yet again, in front of a church. It was even a United Methodist Church. I guess I'm just intrigued by them. I mean c'mon, I'm a church nerd. It's what I do.

We had a delicious dinner tonight at a restaurant called, La Gloria. Then we went walking around the Riverwalk. I forget how lovely my hometown really is, but tonight was a great reminder.

We look food drunk.

My heart is full and my stomach feels equally full. Hoping to enjoy our last day here with continued gorgeous weather and family time.


Ani (aw-nee)

{Shirt: Thrifted ($1.99), Jeans: F21 ($9.99), Shoes: H&M ($12.95), Necklace: Charlotte Russe ($3.50), Sunglasses: Target ($16.99), Jacket: Target [similar] ($19.95)}

Para, Para, Paradise

So yesterday began our time with my family in San Antonio. My sister left to Dallas on and my brother was working all day yesterday so it was just Austin and I with the parentals, which was still super fun. I convinced (very sweetly of course) everyone to go with me to Goodwill. When I saw this gorgeous aisle, I was SO extremely excited.

I left the store with three super cute dresses after trying on ten. I felt bad making everyone wait on me but when my dad left the store with a nice sports coat and Austin left with some awesome glasses, my guilt quickly disappeared.

I also got my very first pattern and material to try out on my sewing machine! I can't even express how excited I am to sew. I'll definitely have to update on how the projects go, even if they don't go well.

We went to one of Austin's favorite restaurants last night, La Fogata, where we took a few pictures of my outfit, which was nothing really worth taking pictures of, but Austin did get some great pictures of my mom and I. Take a look...

After dinner, we went to see Sherlock Holmes, which was such a well done movie. I loved the first one and the second definitely did not disappoint. Then we went out with my brother after he had band practice and just hung out at HiTones. It was a pretty incredible day spent with the family and I could not be happier.

I hate that this break will soon be over. Oh well, I'll get over it.



Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The Real World

I had this terrible feeling in the pit of my stomach right as I was packing to leave my in-laws to spend the rest of the week with my family...I have to go back to the real world this week. I have to leave the absolute bliss of being with family, constantly eating, and vegging out soon and I am deathly afraid of doing so.

I'm afraid for many reasons. It's my last semester of grad school. I'm stepping into something entirely new. Austin and I keep trying to plan our future when we're really not sure what lies ahead. All of these thoughts quickly flooded my mind and then I remembered what I said in my last blog. I just need to soak in every moment to its fullest. It made no sense for me to lose it at that point. I'll come back to reality soon enough, but for now, I'm going to do my best to enjoy this time with my family.

Anyhow, I feel like a brat because most people are already back in their workplaces, but here I am complaining about having a few more days with family. I know, I'm ungrateful. Seriously though, I'm hoping to make of the most of these next few days before big changes hit.

Hope everyone else out there is doing well.

Ani "I hate the Real World (on MTV)" B.

{Dress: Target [Converse] ($6.50), Jeggings: Target [Xhiliration]($12.00), Shoes: Roxy (Gift?), Cardigan: Plato's Closet [Faded Glory] ($8.00), Belt: Thrifted ($1.99)}

Sister, Sister!

Ok friends, get ready for a ridiculous amount of pictures courtesy of Chase. My sister came out to meet us in Cibilo and we took a bunch of absolutely wonderful, fun pictures on a sister's photo shoot. We had a blast. So enjoy!

This might be my favorite picture from the whole shoot.

I feel incredibly overwhelmed and blessed to have married into such an incredible family. These pictures are just a product of how much love is shared between all of us sisters, but it was seriously a blast. I can't reiterate how incredible life is right now.

Changes are coming soon, but for now, I'm going to continue to enjoy the moment with all the fullness that each moment holds.


Ani "I wear horse sweaters" B.

{Sweater: Thrifted ($1.50), Jeans: Thrifted [Gap] ($3.99), Shoes: CitiTrends ($7.50), Necklace: ModCloth (A Beautiful Mess) Christmas Gifts, Earrings: Target ($5.99)}