Monday, August 13, 2012

Best Vacation EVER

Get ready for a ridiculous amount of gorgeous pictures of nature at its finest!

 Day 1: Sunrise over the Grand Canyon

Day 2: Las Vegas

Day 3-5: Yosemite National Park 

He was hugging...not humping.  I swear.

 Mist Trail

Glacier Point

That double chin came out of the pure excitement looking upon this incredible view.

Mariposa Grove

California Tunnel Tree

Day 6-8: San Francisco

These next pictures were taken in Muir Woods outside of San Francisco.  It's also where scenes from Rise of the Planet of the Apes were filmed!

And last but not least...the Majestic, Wondrous Golden Gate Bridge.  I LOVE San Francisco. 

Truth be told, this was quite possibly my favorite vacation ever.  I absolutely LOVE California.  The geography alone is enough to inspire me daily.  I am quite sad to be back even though I love my life here.  Sometimes I just wish I could have this same situation but in a different city. 

I thoroughly regret not taking more pictures in San Francisco but the majority of the pictures I took there were on my phone because it was just so much easier to take those than to bust out the SLR.  I know, I'm not a real blogger.  

By the way, thank God for my absolutely amazing sister for letting me borrow her Canon.  I simply ADORE her. 

I am sad to say that I didn't get any outfit shots.  I was too obsessed with all that was going on around me to even think about it.  Quite honestly, I'm glad I did forget cause I was having such an incredible time that I felt like I was actually appreciating every moment.

Anyhow, the weather in San Francisco was glorious, but I was in no way adequately covered up.  I ended up wearing the same outfit two days in a row simply because it was the warmest clothing I'd brought.  I'll definitely be prepared next time.  

Anyhow, it's time to get back to the real world...but that seriously might have been the best vacation ever.


Saturday, August 4, 2012

Skippin Town

First of all, huge thanks to my husband for taking these pictures. Secondly, HUGE thanks to my sister for letting me borrow her Canon for our road trip.

We're headed out in just a bit and I'm ready to listen some good music, see some amazing sights, and have an all around amazing time.  

I'll hopefully be updating as much as I can!


{Jumper: Thrifted ($6.59), Tank: old (?), Sandals: F21 ($7.50), Earrings: bought in Mexico ($.50), Necklace: Old Navy ($1.99)}

Friday, July 27, 2012

Bring on the Heat

The next time I think it's cool enough to wear a 3/4 sleeved shirt in July in TEXAS, someone should bring me to my senses.  It is ridiculously hot here and while I loved mixing patterns, I would have been better off with something a little more...airy.  

So, from now on I'm going to be adamant about dressing appropriately for the weather cause I'm a sweater (sweat-er) and for all the experience I've had in Texas heat, I should have known better.

However, I'm so excited about this skirt that I got at St. Vincent De Paul for $3 since I went shopping on 40% off day.  I know I've explained this before, but if you are a thrifter, finding the stores that do any discount on top of already low prices really does make me want to jump for joy when I check out at the cash register.  Since I'm a frequent shopper there, I also received $10 off my total purchase, which is never a bad thing.  

Also, just so I can make this public.  I'm taking a hiatus from shopping.  The reasons are numerous, but the number one reason is that I have WAY too much clothing and honestly have no need for more.  It's a dangerous hobby-thrifting-because you tend to feel like you're missing out on something amazing if you don't go out every week.  However, I have lots of amazing pieces in my CLOSET that I could easily wear for the rest of the season, for sure.  So, there's my challenge to myself.  I gotta make it happen cause I'm turning into a clothes hoarder. 

On that note, hope you have a great Friday!


{Top: Thrifted ($1.99), Skirt: Thrifted ($3.00), Shoes: Target ($9.99)} 

Wednesday, July 25, 2012



As you can tell, I had some difficulty getting some decent pictures of my entire outfit.  Oh well.

Funny story, my husband claims that years ago when we were dating, I told him fedoras were lame.  Now, I don't remember saying these words nor do I claim them because truthfully, I've been wanting one for awhile now, however, the husband guilts me about wanting one when I supposedly thing they're "lame."  I imagine I might have said this at one time, but let's be real- my tastes change quite often so yeah- I might have thought at one point that fedoras were lame but when they're on sale for $4.48 at Target, I'll go ahead and say that it's worth it to try.

Point being, I really like my $5 fedora even though I got a funny/mean Facebook status update put up about me by said husband about this said fedora.

I wore this outfit Sunday for church and I'm pretty much entirely reppin Target with this outfit.  Seriously, they should pay me to be a walking advertisement.  I'm a lover of all things Target, especially their apparel.  Target...I know you're out there.  Holler at yo gurl cause I love yo sto. Or, contact me because I love your corporation.  

So I was inspired to get this dress when I saw it on this lovely lady's blog, I jokingly commented on her blog that I may have to go out and buy it...but I wasn't joking at ALL, which is why I'm now the proud owner of it.  It's a miracle really.  I haven't bought a dress for $20 in a loooong time.  I just loved the fit of it.  The top was bought almost five months ago and initially, I thought I would return it because I just couldn't justify how expensive it was (by my standards), but I've already worn it enough times to justify the cost.  It really does go with just about everything.  

That's enough, time for bed.


{Dress: Target [Xhiliration] ($19.99), Top: Target [Xhiliration] ($17.99), Fedora: Target ($4.48), Shoes: Thrifted [Seychelles] ($6.49), Necklace: F21 ($3.99)}