Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Shades of Gray

I'm taking a study break, blogging and watching New Girl (yes, I wish I was Jess). Somehow I managed to talk my amazing husband into taking my daily outfit pictures. I love them though. He's pretty much my favorite.

I've made a good amount of progress on my research paper, but I still have a final looming over me that I am not even close to being prepared for, so I'm going to get right back to it.

So back to the New Girl...the episode is about a young, delinquent, handbell choir. It is SO United Methodist.

Anyhow, I'm going to get back to it.

{Sweater: Target ($9.99), Skirt: Old, Sweater Tights: ($10.00), Jacket: Target ($19.99) Shoes: Target ($14.99), Necklace: F21 ($4.99), Pin: Thrifted ($.99), Earrings: Thrifted ($.99)}

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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Playing House

So first off, I feel like I should make a disclaimer about how much leg I'm showing (even though I'm in tights). Things could border on scandalous in this photo shoot.

I'm KIDDING, but seriously, I didn't realize how short my little romper was. Luckily, I was wearing tights.

This is my sister, Carisa. She takes lovely photos, sings, and is a campus minister right now. Overall, I'd say she's pretty amazing.

All of these photos were taken at the house my brother lives in with a childhood friend of ours. He renovated a good portion of the house on his own (like Austin and I did to ours) except he put a super sweet vintage feel on the entire home. It's all in the details at his place. So I felt like it deserved some photo love.

This week was so lovely. I got to spend good, quality time with my family, my in-laws, the nieces and nephew, my prima Nessa and even got to see my childhood best friend who is going to have a baby in January for a bit. It was all too wonderful and only made me more excited for winter break.

We made it back to Dallas and as always, I'm bummed to leave, especially knowing that this coming week is going to be like walking through fire, but I'm almost done with the semester and I am determined to finish as strong as I started.

This might be the last post for a week or so since I need to focus on school but we'll see.

{Shortalls: Plato's Closet ($12.00), Sweater: Thrifted ($4.80), Tights: Old, Shoes: Thrifted ($3.99)}

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Bird Won't Fly

It's TURKEY day and good grief did we eat...and eat...and eat. It's always tough to stay fit when there's delicious food everywhere.

I love being with my family for so many reasons, too many to name really, but they can be summed up in a few words. I love singing all the time, laughing over stories of our past, setting up the Christmas tree, sitting around watching my dad watch tv. It's all just so much that is to be cherished. I am truly thankful for them and for the life that they bring to me. I really feel like I am myself when I'm with them.

So my sister, Carisa, took these pictures of me. I keep telling her that this endeavor would be so much easier if she was around to take my blog pictures of me because she's such a gifted photographer and because I wouldn't go around breaking my camera (well I didn't break it, but a gust of wind did.) My camera lens is, indeed, dead. I will be hopefully buying myself a new one soon.

Hoping to post tomorrow as I am still in San Antonio and can use my sister for her camera and photography skills.

Enjoy this lovely day!

Till tomorrow...

{Skirt: Thrifted, J Crew ($2.59), Shirt: Thrifted, J Crew ($3.59), Belt: Thrifted ($1.99), Shoes: Roxy (old), Sunglasses (Husband's)}

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Hardly Working

We attempted to get my camera fixed today, but sadly Wolf Camera didn't have my Olympus lens and said it would take a month to fix so they referred me to a repair shop that is literally 2.5 miles from my house, so we made our way over and of course...it was closed. So camera pictures it is!

Just finished up writing a paper and now I'm headed to go to the bowling alley. I'll be singing lead vocals of the song "We're Gonna Score Tonight" from Grease 2 while showing off my bowling skills. Speaking of sequels...I woke up to a text message from my best friend this morning that said, "They made a Honey 2!! look for it on bluray and dvd bc it made it so big at the box office." It seriously started my morning off well, despite the fact that my alarm didn't go off this morning.

In fact, when Austin's alarm went off, he told me "It's 7, wake up" and I immediately said, "What day is it?" I had to be at church at 745 so needless to say, I didn't have time for a shower and just did the essentials and threw on the dress, belt, socks, boots and a beanie for my greasy hair. Funny thing is, I got so many compliments on the outfit. I should seriously wake up late and shower less. It's always nice when an outfit just comes together.

Till tomorrow...

{Dress: Thrifted ($2.59), Belt: Target ($8.00), Shoes: Target ($34.00), Socks: Target ($5.00), Beanie: H&M ($3.50)}

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Pretty in Pink

So I know this is lame, but these pictures were taken from my phone because of my jammed camera lens. We're going to try to get it fixed tomorrow, but we shall see.

I absolutely adore this dress and was excited all week to take some good pictures in it because I knew I'd be wearing it for this wedding we played (which was beautiful btw). Instead, I'm laming it up taking pictures with my camera, but I figured something is better than nothing. It just means I'll have to wear the dress again soon, hopefully with some tights.

Like I said, I adore this dress and actually bought it at full price...or so I thought! Once I got to the register it rang up at $24.95 and I realized that the dress had a red tag that said "$10 off-taken at the register" so even though it was more expensive that most items I buy, I figured it was a special occasion and I plan on remixing it for sure.

Anyhow, I'm sleepy.

{Dress: H&M ($24.95), Shoes: Target (?), Earrings: Gift from my madre}

Friday, November 18, 2011

Grey Day

Well I just got done taking pictures and as you can tell, it was kind of windy. So my sob story for today is as follows: I was trying to set up a close up picture to show off my bright blue eyeliner and as I walked away from my tripod, a strong gust of wind blew and my camera went flying face forward into the ground. I jumped to save it but it was too late. The lens is now jammed and won't focus (obviously because it's jammed). I was/am seriously bummed but I'm trying not to flip out too much cause my husband is a genius and will hopefully be able to fix it.

My cousin Paul and I along with some other amazing musicians are playing a wedding tomorrow. We're rehearsing tonight and I'm so excited. This is the second wedding we've played in two months and man is it a blast. I love seeing people come together in the name of love (What more in the name of love!?) Seriously though, our Jr. High youth pastor and our Children's pastor are getting married and I can already tell it's going to be a blast.

Anyway, I'm so stoked for the changes that may lie ahead. I always claim to be a person who wants change, but sometimes when it comes down to it, I'm straight up scared. Surely I'm not the only one who has felt this way? Right?

Till tomorrow...

{Shirt: Thrifted [Forever 21] ($3.50), Jeans: Thrifted [Forever 21] ($5.00), Boots: Target ($34.00), Jacket: Thrifted [Gap] ($5.00), Belt: Forever 21 ($4.50)}

Thursday, November 17, 2011

The Village

There's a fountain coming out of my head!

I don't know if you can tell, but I was about to take this picture and this duck started to walk up to me so this expression was genuine. Too bad he was camera shy.

Well today was simply gorgeous. There's no other way to describe it. The weather was perfect to the point where I almost decided to skip classes and ditch my responsibilities, but I got all that energy out taking pictures at The Village. I might have wanted to skip class also because the semester really is winding down to the point where it's tempting to put off reading, which I did all week and had to make up for it today.

Despite the fact that I'm doing wonderfully, I'm realizing today how fragile life is. I have friends going through situations where all I can do is pray.

Anyhow, this was my first time wearing jeggings and I gotta admit, I didn't know if I was going to like them cause I love tights and I love jeans so I was thinking surely I'll like jeggings right? I honestly just hate saying the word so I never wanted to buy them, but dang they are comfortable and warm which was perfect for this super cold 50 degree weather. ;) I bought them at full price along with my shoes and dress, so talk about going against my nature. The truth is with shoes, tights, belts etc I don't mind paying full price especially because they're all items that you're ideally going to wear multiple times. Makes sense, right?

Also, I scored this Fossil purse at Goodwill for $20! I was quite annoyed with myself because I walked out of the store without it because I was appalled that Goodwill was charging me so much for a purse (Goodwill does tend to be slightly more expensive than other stores I frequent) but then I got in my car, realized that a Fossil purse is normally anywhere from $80-$300, so I might be a little crazy for not just buying the purse. So I walked back in the store and bought it.

Till tomorrow...

{Currently listening to: The Civil Wars-Barton Hollow}

{Dress: Forever 21 ($15.99), Jeggings: Target ($10.00), Boots: Target ($34.00), Belt (came with dress), Sweater: Plato's Closet ($8.00), Necklace: Thrifted ($2.99), Earrings: Thrifted ($1.99)}