Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Summer Simplicity

For me a belted dress with sandals is about as simple as it gets for summer and yet, I still feel put together.  It's quite nice.

The dress is definitely shorter than what I usually wear but again, it's summer.

Check out these gorgeous earrings I won in a giveaway that Sincerely Kinsey had.  You must check out Meghan Curtis of Swallows Heart.  The gift was this pair of earrings along with another of a bird in a birdcage which you will definitely see soon, along with a gorgeous one of a kind necklace.  Honestly, I rarely win stuff so this made my day.  Anyhow, love Sincerely Kinsey and now I love Swallows Heart.

Life is so very good.  I feel like I say that too often, but honestly, I'm quite content, especially after spending a weekend with one of my best friends.  Plus, I'm getting ready to vacation with my family and I cannot wait. Anyhow, hope summer is lovely for you too!


{Dress: Thrifted ($1.99), Belt: Thrifted ($1.99), Sandals: Target ($9.99), Earrings: Swallow's Heart (Won in a giveway!)}

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Dallas Farmer's Market

Well, that was quite the break from the blogging world, but please, have no fear- I've returned AND I'm darker than I was two weeks ago due the few days we had at the beach.   It was glorious.

The husband and I went to the Dallas Farmer's Market for the first time this weekend.  Have I mentioned we've lived in this city for three years now?  We really have no excuse as to why we've never been, but coming from San Antonio, I figured it would be similar to the mercado, but it was actually different.  Obviously it wasn't as Mexican as the MERCADO, but it had some great food choices including the place we went to which was the Pecan Lodge BBQ.  It was good BBQ, but still nothing compared to Lockhart or Arthur Bryant's in Kansas City.  Poor Dallas. 

Anyhow, I had an amazing day date with the husband and my weekend only got better when I went to visit one of my best friends in Waco.  Time with the people you love really is refreshing.  

Life is so, so good and so is everything high waisted in my book right now. St. Vincent de Paul was so good to me last week.  I got both the skirt and button up on 40% off clothes day, which is the key to getting your best thrifting deals.  Lately, my only desire is to look like I'm stuck in the late 80's/early 90's and so far, I'm succeeding. 

{Top: Thrifted ($1.19), Skirt: Thrifted [Guess] ($2.99), Belt: Thrifted ($1.99)

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Thrifting in Thunderstorms

On Wednesday, some pretty bad thunderstorms hit Dallas right when my sister and I decided we were going to make a quick trip to the thrift store.  The lights were flickering and the thunder was clapping but we pushed through it and it was so worth it cause I found these sweet Gap shorts for $3.93.

I also found this amazing grandma skirt...as if I didn't have enough already. 

But seriously, check out those colors.  It's so gorgeous.

And finally, the ultimate find.  I'd tried this Anthropologie dress on almost a year ago when it was on sale for $80.  I couldn't do it.  I justified not buying the dress by saying it didn't even fit well, but truthfully, we all know it's because I'm so cheap.  However, after seeing Indiana, I'd wondered if I'd made a mistake. 

To be honest, I rarely even try on clothes at Anthropologie cause I know I won't be able to talk myself into buying anything there unless it's 80-90% off, which is exactly what I ended up paying for this dress.  Yes, you heard it here.  I bought this dress for $9.99.  

Sadly, since we had VBS all week and we're headed out on a mission trip this week, all my cute clothes will have to wait for me in my ridiculously full closet.  

So here's to a week of crazy youth, hard work and the beach!

See you next week!


Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Denim and Floral

Just a quick update this week.  Work has been super busy and I've had family in town so the Internet and I haven't had a whole lot of time to bond, but I took these pictures on Saturday because I just could not wait to wear my denim vest.  

I went to the mall that day hoping to get some 40% off bras at American Eagle only to find out that the ghetto mall by my house doesn't have an American Eagle Aerie section.  Despite this unfortunate discovery, I was able to buy a plain white tee (I won't even make the joke) to paint my new sailboat stencils onto. I also ran into Wet Seal and their manager said, "CUTE OUTFIT! Do you know how many girls come in every day asking if we have denim vests?"  I said, "Oh wow, I actually got this at the thrift store for $2.99." (I really need to stop saying stuff like that cause people never know how to respond.) But she said, "Well, I'd watch out.  I'm serious girls will want that vest." And for a moment I felt like I was about to find out what it was like to get jumped for a denim vest. 

But, alas, I did not get jumped and my denim vest and I came home safely.

Hope you're having a great week!


{Denim Vest: Thrifted ($2.99), Romper: Plato's Closet ($8.00), Sandals: Forever 21 ($7.50)}