Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Adventures in Teal

I spy a romantic picnic and a spray painted LOVE.

So this day started off extremely weird.  I was unmotivated and so frustrated with how much school is already exhausting my energy, but my inspiration and productivity grew throughout the day.  I got a chunk of reading out of the way, a short paper written, and had a productive time at work.

I felt so excited and inspired that I was determined to get some outfit pictures too cause once I get into Superman mode, I take it to the LIMIT! BAM. So I took a quick detour as soon as I saw this pavilion on the way home, which I've never noticed before, by the way.  I quickly realized as I was getting out of the car that I was losing daylight fast so I was fumbling to get my tripod and camera stuff situated and as I'm walking toward the pavilion, I realize that there's a couple having a sweet picnic [as seen in the fourth picture I posted] and I think "Oops, hope I'm not intruding on a special moment."  

However, moments later as I'm taking the last of my pictures the dude sitting on the blanket with his lady walks toward me...(this isn't going where you think it is, though I don't know what you're thinking)...doesn't seem to take notice of me and begins to...wait for it...zip open his pants so he can pee into the bushes in broad daylight.  I, then, see his lady walk around another set of bushes to (I assume) pop a squat. It's not like I was going to find out for sure if that's what she was doing.  It was, by far, one of the weirder moments I've had while taking my outfit pictures.  I mean, who knows? Maybe for them it was one of the weirder moments they had watching a random girl take pictures of herself while having a picnic, but I'm just going to assert that perhaps what they did was agreeably more awkward. 

These are the adventures that occur when one wears teal jeans, I guess.


{Jeans: Thrifted ($5.99), Tank: Walmart, don't hate ($1.00, my sister in law paid for it cause I forgot my wallet in the car), Sweater: Urban Outfitters ($5.00), Flats: H&M ($12.95)}

Monday, January 30, 2012

Work Light

 I tried to mix up the poses...so...awkward squat it is!

So sadly I didn't get to be outside much today, which is one of my favorite parts of this whole blog, but it was just a busy day.  Therefore, I was adamant about taking some pictures at my house with our work light.  

Life is so, so good right now.  Have I said that enough lately? Well, it is.  I'm just working on scheduling and prioritizing so that I don't get overwhelmed or burnt out too quickly.

Also, in the attempt to save money, I'm pretty much resolving to not spend money on clothes for awhile.  I can honestly say it's not that big of a deal considering how much I've accumulated PLUS it'll give me the chance to be more creative with my wardrobe.  

Speaking of wardrobe, I knew I wouldn't be able to stay away from this skirt for very long.  I just love the color and style.  I also picked up the shirt which has bow cutouts in the back for $2 at the thrift store and I want to wear it with everything too.  

Ok, time for bed.  So excited I started my week with a blog update. Who knows, I may actually be on top of things this week!?


{Top: Thrifted ($2.00), Skirt: Urban Outfitters ($10.00), Sweater: Target ($10.00), Sweater Tights: Target ($12.00), Shoes: Thrifted ($3.99), Necklace: Thrifted ($1.99), Beanie: F21 ($4.99)}

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Preppy in Navy

Not much to report here friends.  I'm busy with school and work, but incredibly happy to be doing both.  I'm really loving everything about my life right now.  It's the reason when I begin to complain (about anything, really) that I realize I'm an idiot for complaining because cause life is so, so good.

Anyhow, these were taken Friday when I got out of class and it was a lovely day.  Though I will say, Dallas weather makes dressing each morning quite difficult because you know that immediately it is cold enough to wear winter clothes, but by noon, it's a warm spring day.  So "Winter" in Dallas is really just "Spring" in disguise. So that's why layers come in handy.  I end up with all sorts of extra coats, sweaters and beanies in the back of my car, but if it keeps me from being too cold or too hot, 'sall good.  

A couple of friends and I went on a thrifting excursion this morning and I scored some lovely teal jeans which I cannot wait to wear from now all the way into Spring.  Don't be surprised if they pop up here soon. ;)

Alright, time to read! Who knew my life at 25 would be so happenin' on a Saturday evening?!


{Dress: Plato's Closet ($8.00), Sweater: Gap (old), Boots: Payless ($40.00), Socks: American Apparel ($18-Groupon [$50 for $25]) Earrings: Gift, Tights: (old)}

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Layer's and Stripes

Let's be honest, I don't EVER get sick of stripes...or layers.

We stumbled upon this sweet antiques store in Deep Ellum. It's like they went to the thrift stores and got all of the coolest stuff and put it in one big shop.

Not much to say here folks except that I already know that blogging is going to be occurring once (maybe twice) at week at this rate.  School picked up so quickly and work is definitely going to keep me even busier.  It's kind of a bummer, but my goal is to make it about quality and not quantity.

So, that's that.  It's my last semester, I can't slack off now, so I'm just doing my best to prioritize.

These pictures were taken Saturday in Deep Ellum when we went exploring the city with Chris and Paul.  My lovely sister took my outfit pictures, btw.  

The first dress I bought at Francesca's Collections with a giftcard for $10 which is a deal at Francesca's.  The second I threw underneath because I think the dress is just better with layers.  It was actually cold Saturday too so the layers made sense.

Ok, tis all for now.  Have a great Wednesday!

{Dress (top): Francesca's Collections ($10 used gc), Dress (underneath): Thrifted ($4.59),  Boots: Payless ($40.00), Necklace: Thrifted ($1.99), Hearts Belt: Thrifted ($1.99)}

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Sittin on the Dock

Yes, that fold in my shirt bothers me too.  Not to mention shots from the back of me just look weird.  

It has been one glorious weekend spent with my sister who took these pictures and my extremely talented friend Chris was also in town.  We ate, shopped, listened to music and caught up on life. I will post some pictures of a sweet vintage shop we found in Deep Ellum this weekend.  I was pretty impressed with it.  

My sister, cousin and I went to see THE CIVIL WARS last night and it was magical.  It was my second time seeing them and they really are a class act (despite the fact that we believe Joy Williams and John Paul White might be our generations' Johnny and June Cash- it's kinda creepy).  Also, the Staves opened up for them and they were extremely impressive.  Their harmonies were killer and there is nothing quite like having siblings voices blended into one lovely sound.  All in all, it was a spectacular weekend!

This dress was one of the Urban Outfitter's sale items I bought a few weeks ago.  I was inspired by Elsie and Mara to layer a bit and initially I tried the exact same look with a black button up, but it wasn't working as well on me.  It worked better for me with just a plain 3/4 sleeved shirt.  Anyhow, it's always great to be inspired by looks but then fit it to your own personal style.  That's how I felt with this one.

Moving on, I read Hunger Games this weekend and I'm officially a fan-like 14 year old- this is more amazing than Twilight ever had to the potential to be-fan.  Too bad I should only be reading theology books right now and not teen fiction.  Meh, I'll get my act together soon enough.  

OH one last thing, thanks to Tieka, I entered (and won!) a $40 gift certificate from InPink.  They have such a great selection of quality jewelry that I'm having trouble deciding what to get.  I know, life's so difficult right? Either way, just wanted to give a shout out!

Hope tomorrow is the start of a good week for everyone!


{Dress: Urban Outfitters ($5.00), Shirt: Thrifted ($1.20), Shoes: H&M ($12.95), Belt: Thrifted ($1.99), Headband (old)}

Friday, January 20, 2012

Black and Floral

Austin and I celebrated our 3 years of being in HOLY MATRIMONY this week.  Whoo hoo!!  We got spiffed up and went to a fancy dinner.  We had a great time. This ModCloth dress was a Christmas gift from my parents and I'd been saving it for this exact occasion. 

And here are my outfit pictures from yesterday....

I had to throw off my sweater because it was a good 75 degrees outside.  Go figure.  That's Texas for you...

I had my first day of my last semester of classes today and as soon as I got to my first class with my favorite professor, I realized some of my absolute favorite PEOPLE were in this class with me.  So it's going to be a blast.  A few of them looked me up and down and said, "Wow, you're really matching today."  Then they went on to point out every element of my outfit from my shoes to my eyeshadow and how it matched my shirt.  So I might have gone a little overboard today...oh well.

By the way, I used the almost exact same pieces for this outfit, which I just noticed.  So clearly I love black and florals, which I take deep pride in. Haha.

My sister is in town so I am going to have a splendid weekend! Hope you do too!

{Shirt: Thrifted ($3.75), Jeans: Forever 21 ($9.99), Sweater: Thrifted [Gap] ($3.99), Flats: CitiTrends ($7.50), Modcloth: Gift from my Madre)