Friday, August 29, 2008

BBQ sauce! mmm mmm

Well, yesterday was a TON of fun. Austin and I were in charge of the XA Booktable from 1030 am- 2 pm. It takes place in the Quad because there are many students that pass through there on their way to classes. We passed out flyers promoting our BBQ and had many students come up to the table to ask us about our organization and what we had to offer. I was amazed at how many Chi Alphans came to help Austin and I. It was such a blessing to have other students there who aren't on staff but who are simply committed to showing the love of Christ.

I got to talk for a long time to a girl that I met on Monday at an organization walk through. She is such a kind person and I'm already praying that she will get involved. She made it out to the BBQ as well, so that was exciting. Another girl we made a good connection with came to our BBQ and brought two friends!

The preparation for the BBQ went SO well. I couldn't believe how much help we had and how helpful our sound/staging guy was. He has been helping out with this event for the past few years and has always proven to be a kind man, so that was a blessing. However, right as we (the band) were about to go on...RAIN came! haha. It was quite the unforgettable evening. As the worship team was praying, we asked God to save the rain, but God is God and I believe He knew we could handle getting wet.

The whole experience was funny for me because just that morning I was listening to the song "Rain Down" by Delirious and couldn't help but feel like laughing. Many of the people that made it out stuck around so we were able to still talk to students. (well they were sort of stuck with us if they didn't want to get wet :) but we all had such a good time.

The band went on after the rain stopped and there were no complications. We heard testimonies from two of our students and I believe people were truly blessed by the event. So all in all GOD is STILL GOOD, in ALL things! I'm glad everything went so well despite the rain and I feel like the group really proved themselves to be resilient in all circumstances.

To Him be the Glory!


Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Why Am I Here?

The past few weeks have been pretty intense. Chi Alpha at Texas State currently has about five people on staff including Austin and myself. Prior to school beginning, we have been getting together to nail down our events and details for our Leadership Retreat, which happened this past weekend.

(Aug 20th-21st)
Last Wednesday and Thursday, we had a great group of Chi Alphans (that's what I call our members :) show up to Jackson Dormitory to move Freshmen into their rooms. We worked from 10 am- 4 pm both days. We had such a fun time getting to know both the parents and the students. We worked so hard that the next day many of us were sore from all of the lifting, but it was worth it to see how gracious the families were to have help.

(Aug 22nd-24th)
Our leadership team consists of 24 students and our meeting went well. This past weekend we also went to a freshmen even called "Sandwich Showdown" where student organizations could set up tables and information about their organization. We had about eight to ten people from our organization talking to students, interacting with other campus ministries, and getting the word out about our upcoming BBQ.

(Aug 26th)
We had an event yesterday called College Survival 101 where we invited new students to ask questions about college. We had a panel of students that offered practical advice on school. We alsotold them the best places to eat in San Marcos and the fun things to do in the area. This was our first time attempting anything like this and it turned out successful. We met eight students who were really excited and interested in becoming a part of Chi Alpha.

In worship news, our worship team is playing our Annual BBQ this Thursday so we have been practicing the past few nights. We're also playing at a church in Seguin for a high school Back to School Concert. This is the part of my ministry that comes easier to me than other parts because I love music and I love the group of worshippers that I have the priviledge of playing with every week, so I have a lot of fun in this area.

So we have a lot going on and I'm pretty sure things won't slow down for another two weeks or so but I am having a blast!

Pray for our BBQ tomorrow. We usually get about 400 students to come and this is where we have met many of our current members, so we're praying for great things to happen tomorrow!

In Christ,



So for those of you who don't know...I am graduated from Texas State University and getting married in January of 08. This is an exciting time in my life and in February, Austin and I were both praying about what is was that God was wanting us to do in this transitional time in our lives. I was certain that I was still being called into the ministry as a pastor and/or worship leader, which means that I was heading to seminary but not until Fall 09. It was the same for Austin who has also decided go to seminary with me, but will be focusing in different areas of ministry.

I have been invovled in Chi Alpha Christian Fellowship practically since I stepped foot on the Texas State Campus. This group helped me move in to my dorm and invited me to dinner that night and I automatically clicked with their group and saw the genuineness in their fellowship. Since then, I have been a part of the worship team, attended a missions trip to Mexico (which many of you helped me to go to), attended 5 conferences where we met up with Christians across the Southwest, and I have led a girls Bible study as well. All in all, many would say I really majored in "Chi Alpha". My involvement in this organization was so beneficial and life-giving, I couldn't leave. However, I was not expecting to stay here after I graduated.

Which brings me to why I am still here. Unbeknownst to me, our campus pastor had been praying for many years to have some extra help. So as Austin and I prayed about what we were going to do for this next year, God basically told us to stay in San Marcos and continuing working with this ministry. We were excited but I struggled to believe that I would be able to raise a budget and a team of supporters, however through it all, God IS faithful.

So I'm living in a three bedroom apartment, sharing a room with my old roommate and living as frugally as possible. I am confident that God has kept me in this place with plans of His own in mind because everything I thought I would be doing has fallen through and He is teaching me to be flexible. So the next blog will tell you more about how these first few weeks have gone.

Feel free to:
A) Pray for me!
B) Financially support me! :)
C) Ask me questions about what I am doing here.

Thank you to all who have already supported me.

love you!

In Christ,