Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Your Grace is Sufficient

Hey all!
It has been another week of high's and low's. God is my constant strength and fortress, otherwise I might not be feeling so great right now, but He really has done so much for me this week, despite a few stressful situations.

All week I had been praying about finances...and God being the good God that he is provided me with a love offering, a forgotten check from my old work, a late check from church, and some extra babysitting cash that helped me to buy groceries today. :) So all in all He pretty much proved Himself faithful. I couldn't believe how gracious He was to me.

We had a great Chi Alpha Alumni night! The band was awesome and LOUD, even for me! haha. Our Friday morning POD once again was a huge blessing despite all of us being extremely tired. And finally our proud Bobcats played our Homecoming game on Saturday. We had fun tailgating and just hanging out with our group.

All week I've been running on empty because as is common in ministry, I was trying to help and minister to people without getting enough of my own ministering in my personal time with God so by the end of the week I was ready for some Ani and Jesus time! So I drove out to some country roads Sunday morning. I joked with my roommate before I left my apartment that if my car broke down I would call her to come get me. So I drove out to Kyle and had some good god time....and then i tried to turn my car on to go home and sure enough...my car didnt start. I laughed/cried for a bit and then got my act together and called Austin to come get me. We called Triple A and it took a good two hours to get them to come tow my car.

I was upset...but not. For some reason, I'm really not stressed about it, especially since Austin is so gracious to me to help take me places and what not. so YEAH Praise God that everything is ok and that things turned out the way they did. It could have been a worse situation. So pray that I can get my starter fixed...thats the problem with my car this week ;)

Please pray for:
-Spiritual strongholds to be broken in the lives of those that God has given me to minister.
-Continued Financial support for both Austin and I.
-Austin and I in preparation for our marriage. Tomorrow is our engagement anniversary!
-A spirit of love and compassion for myself toward these students.

Thank you for all you do!


Monday, October 13, 2008

Another Week has come and gone...

This past Thursday meeting was amazing. Beforehand, I personally, was already expecting for God to just work and convict where conviction was needed. The teaching was on 4 Characteristics of a Christian. Love. Holiness. Servanthood. and Faithfulness. All of these spoke so well to our students and the next day at our Friday morning Bible Study, we all agreed that these were characteristics that we needed to be reminded of and worked out in our lives.

Our Friday morning POD has been going so well because it is an intimate group that really just allows the Spirit to move and lead us. I really feel like we've been yearning for His wisdom and He's been blessing us with it every week.

Also I have mentioned that we have had a lot of people really fill in the gaps of those who have graduated. Just this week we had a new musician playing with us and he did a great job and we had a new sound guy who also did a great job so this gave me great joy to see that God was putting people in place to pass on the torch.

All things are for His honor and glory.
I will continue to keep updating as much as I can. :)

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

He is Good.

Our Tuesday night Bible Studies have been going so well. I felt the need to write about it because God is just so good and in all things He has been faithful to His word. This whole weekend I really felt God telling my to let go of all of the things that I was still holding on to. I prayed to be freed from alot of the things in my past that I was not proud of and God showed me that HE had already forgiven me...it was me who would not look forward to the future He had for me.

So last night we studied Lot's wife from Genesis 19. What was interesting was that everything that God had been saying to me was sort of shown through this woman who simply could not help but look back. Many of the girls felt the same way. It's so crazy to me that God gives us such an abundant amount of grace and yet we hold ourselves back from moving forward.

In this same way, I pray that we can all see the wonderful futures that He has for us. Continue to pray for us. We really have deep spiritual things going on.

Pray for the Students:
To break free from their past.
To get out of the habits of this world and to conform to what God wants for them.
For comfort for one of my girls whose father just passed away.

Thank you!

Monday, October 6, 2008

Altitude 08!

Hey all!

Where to start....

Well our group has been very excited about one of our annual retreats where we meet up with all of the students in the North Texas District to worship and learn new things together.

For a few weeks now we (the worship team) have been preparing for this retreat in practice and in prayer. Of course just this past week, half of our team got sick. HAHA I can laugh about it now because it seemed like anything the enemy could throw at us he tried.

The whole weekend was incredibly intense. There was real spiritual warfare going on, but people's lives were changed and we could feel freedom in that ballroom.

Worship was great for us too. We gave and gave and gave of our selves every worship set but we also felt so rewarded when we saw people really entering in to worship.

Altogether, it was amazing.

Keep praying:
That spiritual battles would be won.
That those whose lives who have been changed would continue to walk in a holy way.
That confusion would be turned into peace.
Finances :)

There's so much to pray for. So please when you read this...throw a prayer out for Texas State Chi Alpha and for Texas State students!