Tuesday, March 26, 2013

24 Hours

We spent an incredible 24 hours in Houston to visit our friend Chris who is all sorts of talented.  Austin and I moved to Dallas in May of 2009 and by August, two of my cousins and Chris moved into the city too.  Our first year in Dallas was so fun. We leaned on each other so much and Chris was already part of our family, but he became even moreso once we were thrown in a city where we really only knew each other.  

Chris moved to Houston two years ago and we finally made it down there to visit.  It was a blast.  We ate way too much food and I did ton of window shopping. 

The menu below is from Paulie's restaurant. 

My husband is an expert in awkward faces.



The Chocolate Bar

Pavement, which is one of the many resale shops we visited.

I spent my entire clothing budget by the second week of March so when we visited all of these incredible shops, I was filled with regret.  Next time we visit, I will definitely have some money set aside specifically to come back to this shop.

All in all, it was an incredible 24 hours.  

Despite the humidity, we will definitely be visiting Houston again soon.

Um, can we just talk about how amazing polka dot jeans are? I really don't usually like jeans...probably because it always so dang hot in Texas, but I can work with some cute printed jeans.  Go get them at Target...I dare you. 

{Top: UO ($5.00 on sale), Jeans: Target ($24.99), Flats: Target ($9.99), Necklace: H&M ($1.99)}

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Oh Navy

This was my casual Thursday outfit.  I work late on Wednesday's so it's harder for me to take the time to really think through a cute outfit for Wednesday when I'm pretty exhausted from the day before.

This Zara top was only $3.99 at St. Vincent de Paul and I got it on a trip when I had received a 40% entire purchase for being a loyalty card owner.  So it came out to more like $2.59.  I love discounts on top of already low priced clothing.  

Speaking of, these jeans were bought at Old Navy for only $20 when I convinced my husband we both needed new jeans.  Every time I've tried any of the Old Navy's Rock Star jeans, I not only felt like a heifer, because I had to try them on two sizes higher than I normally would and even then, they were ill-fitting.  So on a whim, I tried on the regular Rock Star Jeans and loved them.  So I bought two different pairs and for being not that into jeans, I really love them. 

Happy Sunday! 

{Top: Thrifted [Zara] ($2.59), Jeans: Old Navy ($20.00 on sale), Flats: Target ($9.99 on sale), Blazer: Thrifted ($9.99)}

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Head in the Clouds

Spring Break came and went.  I spent the entire week at a Mission Trip to San Antonio and wore shorts and a t-shirt for 99.9% of the trip so the return to Dallas and normal clothes was a welcome change.

My husband's family joined us for the weekend when I returned from San Antonio and we had such a fun time with one another.  It's always a blast being a tourist in your own city and we visited some of our favorite spots in city including the Dallas Museum of Art, Klyde Warren Park and Bishop Arts Square.  

All in all, we had an absolutely perfect weekend.  

Unfortunately, I also caught a bit of what I believe to be a sinus infection or Allergies Gone Wild in my body.  Either way, it's been an uncomfortable week as I've tried to continue work as normal while my head feels so cloudy that I can't think straight, but I just keep trucking along hoping that it'll pass. 

This dress was brought on a recent thrifting trip and it took some convincing from my sister to buy it because it has the appearance of being somewhat frumpy due to my lack of boobage.  However, it was perfect for a day like this.  The cotton in the dress and the looseness of the fabric helped keep me cool when it got warmer in the afternoon.  It'll end up being a staple in my wardrobe this Spring for sure. 

Anyhow, hope your Spring Break was a good one! 

{Dress: Thrifted [Cotton On] ($6.56), Jean Jacket: Thrifted ($3.59), Shoes: H&M ($12.99), Necklace: Earthbound Trading Co. ($1.99)}

*All photos were taken by my beautifully talented sister in law, Chase Barrington. 

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Ron Swanson

Alright, can you tell I'm just a little excited in these pictures? Aside from the fact that my cute bearded husband was the one taking these pictures of me, my happiness stemmed from the incredible dress I wore I day.  Yes, sometimes my happiness is found in what I wear cause it helps me express myself and boosts my confidence.  Fight me on that one, I dare you. 

Eshakti was kind enough to send me this dress to review.  Unfortunately, it's no longer available.  However, let me tell you all the reasons I love this dress. The collar is adorable and goes all the way around the neck.  It was it's own accessory. The material isn't at all cheap feeling, which has been the case for quite a few online companies that I've bought dresses from. (You know who I'm talking about.) Plus the print itself is just adorable. SWANS?? Why not?!

My favorite part about the whole review process was getting to customize the dress that I wanted.  The dress originally had cap sleeves and the length was past my knee cap.  Knowing that summer is coming (Winter never came- What the heck Lord Stark?), I wanted to go ahead and jump the gun by making the dress sleeveless.  I also remembered that a dress I had won in a giveaway from Eshakti a few months ago, was a bit too long so I made the length above the knee and it hits perfectly.  

This has definitely been one of my favorite outfits to wear this winter.  Winter outfits are certainly the least inspiring for me, which is why my posts were sparse.  But alas, winter will soon be over and then we're in for 9 long months of summer.  So now I get to look forward to wearing this dress in the summer and to blogging more!

So I'm super excited to share that Eshakti is offering all of you lovely people $25 off your purchase at Eshatki.  Just use the code: 


This code expires March 25th, so go buy some cute clothes soon!!!

Ok, I'm about to eat some steak made my one of our house mates, spend some quality time catching up on blogs and then watch some hockey (Go Stars!) with my husband.  Hope you're evening is just as thrilling. 

{Dress: c/o Eshakti, Tights: old, Flats: H&M ($12.99) similar, Sweater: Thrifted [H&M] ($?)}

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

I'm Not Pregnant

Ok, I loved this outfit at the beginning of the day, but can we be honest? None of this pictures worked because I looked about 3 months pregnant. AND I'M NOT.  

What in the world?! I understand I might have gained a bit of weight, but does anyone else have this annoying issue of wearing tights that suddenly accentuate all of the worst and most self conscious parts of your body?

Ok, that's enough.  Just had to get that out of the way. 

I still love this dress, but it'll function better without tights underneath.  Also, it was $2.59 & American Apparel so it was probably originally a bajillion unnecessary dollars.

Anyhow, I had an entirely too successful trip at the thrift store this past week and this dress is just one of my finds.

Hope you're having a great start to your week!


{Dress: Thrift [American Apparel] ($2.59), Sweater Tights: Target ($10.00), Boots: Payless ($39.99), Cardigan: Plato's Closet ($9.00), Jacket: Plato's Closet [Abercrombie & Fitch] ($19.00- bought with store credit from selling clothes)}