Thursday, January 10, 2013

If I Were a Boy

Check out the cutie who committed his life to me, thus forcing him to take pictures of me for the rest of his existence. 

It was an amazing full week back at work.  My life is back in full swing and while I miss my family tons still, life is still really good.

We've (we=my husband & and one of my housemates) been dieting for the last week and I've literally worked out five days out of the last six and dangit if I don't feel like a flippin baller.  It may not show in these pictures but underneath my newly thrifted jacket lies a future bodybuilder.  Or maybe I'll just be a little more toned than I was last month.  Either way, it feels good to be taking care of myself.  It reminds me of the entire reason I got the balls to do this blog in the first place.  I lost 30 lbs and had a whole new sense of self.  

Anyhow, the real reason we're working out is cause we're about to go on a cruise and I don't' want to be Mrs. Flabby Pants, but with only a week left to go, it may just be my one piece and I (which is totally cool cause it's still cute). 

I felt so cool in my boyish look today.  It took me back to the days when I really did dress like a boy in my old school Reeboks, thrift tees and oddly fitting jeans.  I imagine if I were a boy, I'd still wear this outfit and that is in no way depressing.

{Jeans: Target ($19.99), Button-Up: Thrifted [J.Crew] (3.93), Corduroy Blazer: Thrifted ($9.99), Oxfords: Thrifted (3.99)} 

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