Thursday, June 6, 2013

Tunnel Vision

We always have such a blast in Las Vegas, so here are a few pictures to show you what we did...and what I wore, of course.  

At Gordon Ramseys' restaurant, Burgr.  (such a lame name)

The Bachanel buffet at the Bellagio.  

My first visit to Topshop!

Tried on this bathing suit and it definitely looked way cuter on the hanger.

My favorite outfit from this week.  I almost bought the hat.

Dirty elevator mirror.

You bet your sweet bottom we bet on the Spurs. 

While our trip was brief, it was well worth the time.  We had a blast together and I even went indoor skydiving which is totally unlike anything I do ever...because I think I'm going to die if I ever to anything extreme.  

Coming back home, of course, was just a huge reality check.  I know it has to happen, but why can't we all just be on vacation forever? 


Midwest Muse said...

This looks like so much fun. I've never been to Vegas, but I know I would like to gamble.

Kacie Ellis said...

I've never been to Vegas but it looks like tons of fun! Your favorite outfit is my favorite too! The crop top looks great on you!