Sunday, March 24, 2013

Oh Navy

This was my casual Thursday outfit.  I work late on Wednesday's so it's harder for me to take the time to really think through a cute outfit for Wednesday when I'm pretty exhausted from the day before.

This Zara top was only $3.99 at St. Vincent de Paul and I got it on a trip when I had received a 40% entire purchase for being a loyalty card owner.  So it came out to more like $2.59.  I love discounts on top of already low priced clothing.  

Speaking of, these jeans were bought at Old Navy for only $20 when I convinced my husband we both needed new jeans.  Every time I've tried any of the Old Navy's Rock Star jeans, I not only felt like a heifer, because I had to try them on two sizes higher than I normally would and even then, they were ill-fitting.  So on a whim, I tried on the regular Rock Star Jeans and loved them.  So I bought two different pairs and for being not that into jeans, I really love them. 

Happy Sunday! 

{Top: Thrifted [Zara] ($2.59), Jeans: Old Navy ($20.00 on sale), Flats: Target ($9.99 on sale), Blazer: Thrifted ($9.99)}

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