Thursday, March 7, 2013

Ron Swanson

Alright, can you tell I'm just a little excited in these pictures? Aside from the fact that my cute bearded husband was the one taking these pictures of me, my happiness stemmed from the incredible dress I wore I day.  Yes, sometimes my happiness is found in what I wear cause it helps me express myself and boosts my confidence.  Fight me on that one, I dare you. 

Eshakti was kind enough to send me this dress to review.  Unfortunately, it's no longer available.  However, let me tell you all the reasons I love this dress. The collar is adorable and goes all the way around the neck.  It was it's own accessory. The material isn't at all cheap feeling, which has been the case for quite a few online companies that I've bought dresses from. (You know who I'm talking about.) Plus the print itself is just adorable. SWANS?? Why not?!

My favorite part about the whole review process was getting to customize the dress that I wanted.  The dress originally had cap sleeves and the length was past my knee cap.  Knowing that summer is coming (Winter never came- What the heck Lord Stark?), I wanted to go ahead and jump the gun by making the dress sleeveless.  I also remembered that a dress I had won in a giveaway from Eshakti a few months ago, was a bit too long so I made the length above the knee and it hits perfectly.  

This has definitely been one of my favorite outfits to wear this winter.  Winter outfits are certainly the least inspiring for me, which is why my posts were sparse.  But alas, winter will soon be over and then we're in for 9 long months of summer.  So now I get to look forward to wearing this dress in the summer and to blogging more!

So I'm super excited to share that Eshakti is offering all of you lovely people $25 off your purchase at Eshatki.  Just use the code: 


This code expires March 25th, so go buy some cute clothes soon!!!

Ok, I'm about to eat some steak made my one of our house mates, spend some quality time catching up on blogs and then watch some hockey (Go Stars!) with my husband.  Hope you're evening is just as thrilling. 

{Dress: c/o Eshakti, Tights: old, Flats: H&M ($12.99) similar, Sweater: Thrifted [H&M] ($?)}


Maria Chloe said...

Cute outfit:)


countrygirlcityfashion said...

This outfit is so cute! I love the color of your sweater, and the dress is gorgeous.

Ashlyn said...

Ooo, that's the dress I picked out for my first eShakti review as well. I absolutely adore it. I love the title of your post (Parks and Rec is the best) as well as the way you've styled your dress. Great customization choices!