Friday, May 10, 2013

Chambray & Mustard

I hate that my habit is to go weeks without posting anything, but it has been quite the busy two weeks. 

In this two weeks I have:

Finished my graduate degree
Received a promotion at my job &
Celebrated my brother's wedding

In other words, it's been an amazing past two weeks.  I'm overwhelmed with all the love in my life.  All of events surrounding my brother's wedding allowed me to see my family and my in-laws more than I would normally and it has reminded me how much I have to cherish my time with them.

Next Saturday, I'll be graduating with my Master's of Divinity and I could NOT be more excited.  These four years in Dallas really have flown by.  So you can imagine I'm super sentimental right now.  I literally cried watching The Office last night.  I understand that this is how life goes.  We go in and out of seasons but I'm blessed to be able to stay in my current work place. So it feels like I'll finally be able to fully my time and effort into my work place. 

All that to say, I've missed being in the blogging world but I've loved being in the real world.  Hopefully I can master the two soon...

This mustard skirt is one of my favorites.  I've worn this outfit quite a few times and it just doesn't get old for me.

P.S. This article has officially ruined me, but we can talk about that in another post.

{Skirt: Thrifted ($3.99), Chambray Button Up: Thrifted ($2.49), Shoes: Target ($14.99) similar}

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Midwest Muse said...

This skirt is so great on you! Sounds like your life is hectic and awesome lately! Enjoy it.