Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Mis Amigos.

This Sunday was interesting...
Austin and I took our two friends Suko and Ryo to church in San Antonio. They are both from Japan and Suko actually went to Mexico with Austin and I this past summer. They had a good time, but unfortunately my car didn't. It had a transmission fluid leak and we got stuck in the middle of Bandera and Hubner Sunday afternoon and as far as I know my car is not fixed yet. However, God is good. Since the car wouldn't move at all, three men/angels helped us move the car out of the intersection and into the parking lot of Whataburger.

It was quite a blow to my Sunday because I depend a lot on my car but Austin and I are managing to make it work with his car.

Tomorrow is our first Chi Alpha meeting of the semester! I'm incredibly excited and I'm praying for a good turn out and for new people to really get plugged in to the group.

Things to pray for:
-A strong level of committment from our members
-An excitement for this coming semester
-For time to supernaturally multiply for these busy college students ;)
-For tomorrow. That the Holy Spirit would join us in all we do.
-Pray for Austin and I, as well, and our fearless leaders.

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Anonymous said...

Ani, I am so proud of you and everything you have been doing thus far. I hope Suko and Ryo had a fun time despite the circumstances!