Monday, September 29, 2008


Another week has come and gone...It is funny to me that I once thought things would slow down toward this time in the semester but there has been SO much going on, it really is incredible. So here are some updates!

Girls Pajamarama/Girly Campout- Sept 19-20th.

Every year we have a sleep over for the girls and a campout for all of the guys, but this year ended up being a campout for both of us. It was a fun time for all. We ate hot dogs and chili, played games...we even had a fashion show! It was great because we had six new girls who really seemed to enjoy themselves and have still continued to come to our Bible Studies and Weekly meetings.

Aside from all of that fun stuff, we also had a group of Chi Alphans go out to Humble, TX to provide relief for families affected by the hurricane. So we were EVERYWHERE that weekend and everything went great for each event, so praise God.

My POD (girls small group) gets better and better every week. We've begun a study on Women of the Bible that is So much fun. The girls seems to really relate well to it. This is the first year I've had over five girls come to Bible Study so my co-pod leader and I are really enjoying this time that we get to have with these precious young women. So please be praying for us every Tuesday at 7pm!

Austin and I get the priviledge of doing video announcements once every month. This week was really fun. Austin came up with most of the ideas and I had to be the was quite funny.

Thurs Night was another successful night. Every week is great of course, but it seems like we as leadership are being challenged every week to really step up in all areas.

We are being blessed daily!

Continue to pray for:
Each and every student we are coming in contact with.



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