Monday, October 6, 2008

Altitude 08!

Hey all!

Where to start....

Well our group has been very excited about one of our annual retreats where we meet up with all of the students in the North Texas District to worship and learn new things together.

For a few weeks now we (the worship team) have been preparing for this retreat in practice and in prayer. Of course just this past week, half of our team got sick. HAHA I can laugh about it now because it seemed like anything the enemy could throw at us he tried.

The whole weekend was incredibly intense. There was real spiritual warfare going on, but people's lives were changed and we could feel freedom in that ballroom.

Worship was great for us too. We gave and gave and gave of our selves every worship set but we also felt so rewarded when we saw people really entering in to worship.

Altogether, it was amazing.

Keep praying:
That spiritual battles would be won.
That those whose lives who have been changed would continue to walk in a holy way.
That confusion would be turned into peace.
Finances :)

There's so much to pray for. So please when you read this...throw a prayer out for Texas State Chi Alpha and for Texas State students!



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