Monday, October 13, 2008

Another Week has come and gone...

This past Thursday meeting was amazing. Beforehand, I personally, was already expecting for God to just work and convict where conviction was needed. The teaching was on 4 Characteristics of a Christian. Love. Holiness. Servanthood. and Faithfulness. All of these spoke so well to our students and the next day at our Friday morning Bible Study, we all agreed that these were characteristics that we needed to be reminded of and worked out in our lives.

Our Friday morning POD has been going so well because it is an intimate group that really just allows the Spirit to move and lead us. I really feel like we've been yearning for His wisdom and He's been blessing us with it every week.

Also I have mentioned that we have had a lot of people really fill in the gaps of those who have graduated. Just this week we had a new musician playing with us and he did a great job and we had a new sound guy who also did a great job so this gave me great joy to see that God was putting people in place to pass on the torch.

All things are for His honor and glory.
I will continue to keep updating as much as I can. :)

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