Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Sister Style: Independence Day

Check out my amazing sister.  She was wearing a sweet vintage dress that pretty much required us to take some shots together. 

My not so original, but super patriotic nails.  Yes, I'm still married, just can't wear the ring around all this sand madness.

So I must be honest and admit that I had hoped to wear a different outfit for July 4th, but due to my overall irresponsibility with the sunscreen, I found myself quite uncomfortable in just about every 4th of July outfit I brought. Yes, I brought more than one outfit for the 4th and yes, that's right, the already dark complected Ani decided not to put sunscreen on and is now paying for it in sunburn.  But don't worry, red, white and blue is a color combination that I thoroughly enjoy and I'll make up for the lack of cuteness once this burn chills out. Literally.  Also, don't worry, my sister made sure to let me know with the look on her face when I told her I didn't wear sunscreen, how truly irresponsible I was.

I did wear this getup to the beach everyday to be patriotic throughout the whole week.

Anyhow, it was a great final day at the beach. We got to watch fireworks from our balcony and sing patriotic songs at the top of our lungs.  We grilled hamburgers, chicken sausages, and corn.  My sister made homemade guacamole and carrot cake balls.  Then we went for a quick walk on the beach with the full moon lighting our path. Of course, now we're watching Independence Day because what is the 4th without some Will Smith and Bill Pullman saving the world from an alien race?

Today- we celebrate- our INDEPENDENCE DAY! 

It's been a sweet vacation.  Tomorrow, I'll be posting some pictures from our boat tour.  Get psyched man, Get psyched man!


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The Midwest Muse said...

Your sisters dress is so adorable! I love the overalls! It's such a crazy concept, but you pull if off. Your nails are also so cute! Can't wait to see your photos.