Sunday, July 22, 2012


This outfit was worn sometime this past week and I only wore it about half the day because we played ultimate frisbee in the evening and I was wearing a VBS t-shirt in the morning.  However, I was quite confident in this outfit for the five-ish hours I was wearing it.  There's something about teal and pink color combination that makes me feel all sorts of girly and pretty.  

Oh pastels, colored jeans and floral, what would I do without you? Seriously, I like when I'm actually on board with trends cause it's like cute stuff is coming out of the wood works.  The tree in fron t of my house even cooperated by blooming some flowers. Thanks tree!

Well our weekend pretty much flew by.  We definitely hit up the midnight showing of The Dark Knight Rises on Thursday and had dinner with friends Friday.  Saturday was pretty much the best because I went thrifting with a few friends and then came back to my house to jam some music living room style.  We literally sat in the room and played guitar, sang- we even accordioned it up (that's an verb in my book.)  We went to dinner with friends and then came home and played Guitar Hero- yes, you read correctly.  We relived Guitar Hero madness last night.  It was quite the perfect weekend.

I am looking forward to this week because things should (hopefully) settle down a bit and (hopefully) I'll get into a better routine.  I forgot to mention in my last post how grateful I was for the sweet comments on the Boat post.  I'm seriously missing my sisters' photography skills! Hope all is well in your world!


{Top: Thrifted [F21] similar ($3.59), Jeans: Thrifted [similar] ($5.99), Shoes: Thrifted [Seychelles] ($6.49), Sunglasses: Target ($12.99), Earrings: Old Navy ($1.99)

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Sandy a la Mode said...

loving the color of your pants!