Friday, January 20, 2012

Black and Floral

Austin and I celebrated our 3 years of being in HOLY MATRIMONY this week.  Whoo hoo!!  We got spiffed up and went to a fancy dinner.  We had a great time. This ModCloth dress was a Christmas gift from my parents and I'd been saving it for this exact occasion. 

And here are my outfit pictures from yesterday....

I had to throw off my sweater because it was a good 75 degrees outside.  Go figure.  That's Texas for you...

I had my first day of my last semester of classes today and as soon as I got to my first class with my favorite professor, I realized some of my absolute favorite PEOPLE were in this class with me.  So it's going to be a blast.  A few of them looked me up and down and said, "Wow, you're really matching today."  Then they went on to point out every element of my outfit from my shoes to my eyeshadow and how it matched my shirt.  So I might have gone a little overboard today...oh well.

By the way, I used the almost exact same pieces for this outfit, which I just noticed.  So clearly I love black and florals, which I take deep pride in. Haha.

My sister is in town so I am going to have a splendid weekend! Hope you do too!

{Shirt: Thrifted ($3.75), Jeans: Forever 21 ($9.99), Sweater: Thrifted [Gap] ($3.99), Flats: CitiTrends ($7.50), Modcloth: Gift from my Madre)

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