Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Adventures in Teal

I spy a romantic picnic and a spray painted LOVE.

So this day started off extremely weird.  I was unmotivated and so frustrated with how much school is already exhausting my energy, but my inspiration and productivity grew throughout the day.  I got a chunk of reading out of the way, a short paper written, and had a productive time at work.

I felt so excited and inspired that I was determined to get some outfit pictures too cause once I get into Superman mode, I take it to the LIMIT! BAM. So I took a quick detour as soon as I saw this pavilion on the way home, which I've never noticed before, by the way.  I quickly realized as I was getting out of the car that I was losing daylight fast so I was fumbling to get my tripod and camera stuff situated and as I'm walking toward the pavilion, I realize that there's a couple having a sweet picnic [as seen in the fourth picture I posted] and I think "Oops, hope I'm not intruding on a special moment."  

However, moments later as I'm taking the last of my pictures the dude sitting on the blanket with his lady walks toward me...(this isn't going where you think it is, though I don't know what you're thinking)...doesn't seem to take notice of me and begins to...wait for it...zip open his pants so he can pee into the bushes in broad daylight.  I, then, see his lady walk around another set of bushes to (I assume) pop a squat. It's not like I was going to find out for sure if that's what she was doing.  It was, by far, one of the weirder moments I've had while taking my outfit pictures.  I mean, who knows? Maybe for them it was one of the weirder moments they had watching a random girl take pictures of herself while having a picnic, but I'm just going to assert that perhaps what they did was agreeably more awkward. 

These are the adventures that occur when one wears teal jeans, I guess.


{Jeans: Thrifted ($5.99), Tank: Walmart, don't hate ($1.00, my sister in law paid for it cause I forgot my wallet in the car), Sweater: Urban Outfitters ($5.00), Flats: H&M ($12.95)}


Chase Barrington said...

That is hilarious. And so very very weird.

Also, your pictures are gorgeous. I'm jealous of that beautiful sunlight! Can you believe Omaha got to 60 degrees yesterday??

luvvleighb said...

I love the color of your pants! And the floral shirt!
Plus, the sunset light is completely beautiful :)
Luvv, Leigh B

The Midwest Muse said...

These pants are amazing and I love the your cropped sweater. You also look ridiculously beautiful in these photos!

Sharon said...

love this teal pants on you! great pop of color