Monday, January 30, 2012

Work Light

 I tried to mix up the squat it is!

So sadly I didn't get to be outside much today, which is one of my favorite parts of this whole blog, but it was just a busy day.  Therefore, I was adamant about taking some pictures at my house with our work light.  

Life is so, so good right now.  Have I said that enough lately? Well, it is.  I'm just working on scheduling and prioritizing so that I don't get overwhelmed or burnt out too quickly.

Also, in the attempt to save money, I'm pretty much resolving to not spend money on clothes for awhile.  I can honestly say it's not that big of a deal considering how much I've accumulated PLUS it'll give me the chance to be more creative with my wardrobe.  

Speaking of wardrobe, I knew I wouldn't be able to stay away from this skirt for very long.  I just love the color and style.  I also picked up the shirt which has bow cutouts in the back for $2 at the thrift store and I want to wear it with everything too.  

Ok, time for bed.  So excited I started my week with a blog update. Who knows, I may actually be on top of things this week!?


{Top: Thrifted ($2.00), Skirt: Urban Outfitters ($10.00), Sweater: Target ($10.00), Sweater Tights: Target ($12.00), Shoes: Thrifted ($3.99), Necklace: Thrifted ($1.99), Beanie: F21 ($4.99)}


Jana Faith said...

You have such a pretty smile. I'm happy to read life is "so, so good". I always enjoy your style. I completely understand the necessity to be frugal with fashion. It's just so easy to find fun things at the thrift!

Ani said...

Thank you so much Jana!! Your comments are too sweet!

Cari said...

You're cute.