Saturday, January 28, 2012

Preppy in Navy

Not much to report here friends.  I'm busy with school and work, but incredibly happy to be doing both.  I'm really loving everything about my life right now.  It's the reason when I begin to complain (about anything, really) that I realize I'm an idiot for complaining because cause life is so, so good.

Anyhow, these were taken Friday when I got out of class and it was a lovely day.  Though I will say, Dallas weather makes dressing each morning quite difficult because you know that immediately it is cold enough to wear winter clothes, but by noon, it's a warm spring day.  So "Winter" in Dallas is really just "Spring" in disguise. So that's why layers come in handy.  I end up with all sorts of extra coats, sweaters and beanies in the back of my car, but if it keeps me from being too cold or too hot, 'sall good.  

A couple of friends and I went on a thrifting excursion this morning and I scored some lovely teal jeans which I cannot wait to wear from now all the way into Spring.  Don't be surprised if they pop up here soon. ;)

Alright, time to read! Who knew my life at 25 would be so happenin' on a Saturday evening?!


{Dress: Plato's Closet ($8.00), Sweater: Gap (old), Boots: Payless ($40.00), Socks: American Apparel ($18-Groupon [$50 for $25]) Earrings: Gift, Tights: (old)}


The Midwest Muse said...

This location is beautiful and you look amazing in blue! I totally understand the being consumed by school and feeling boring thing. That's my life too.

Ani said...

For sure! Honestly that's why I like doing this blog cause it's totally non-school related and gives me an outlet. Good luck with your studies!