Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Thrifting Uniform

Good golly, the the wind was out of control today. My hair was flying all over the place when I went out to White Rock Lake to take pictures in front of a boat house.

My outfit was meant especially for thrifting. I usually have to wear clothing that I can be comfortable in as I usually end up thrifting for two hours. No lie. I'm hoping to write some thrifting tips soon before school starts back up.

I found some really unique items that I'm excited about sharing. I want to wear everything today but clearly that won't be possible so I'll have to roll out my favorite pieces this week! Can't wait!

Check out my $5 hearts crop tee from Urban. I love the crop tee trend, but it was freezing outside (for Dallas) so I had to layer it with an undershirt and a thrifted jacket that was not nearly warm enough for how chilly it was. That problem was solved of course with a sweet jacket I bought at St. Vincent's. I actually left it in the shopping cart that was placed outside my dressing room and two ladies on separate occasions tried to take the jacket. I had to jump out of my dressing room and kindly (but firmly) tell them in broken Spanish that I had full intent to purchase the jacket and for them to take their stinking paws off of it! Ok I'm joking about the last part, I would never do that unless there really was an ape trying to vie for world domination that had its' hands on me. Point being, I got the jacket and lots of other great finds.

Hope your day is beautiful!

{Shirt: Urban Outfitters ($5.00), Jeans: Converse ($6.50), Jacket: Thrifted ($4.50), Flats: Roxy ($old?), Belt: F21 (came attached to a dress)}

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