Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Patriotic Pony

These first pictures were taken on campus cause the first ones I took at Bachman Lake didn't come out so great. It ended up working better this way anyhow cause I was totally reppin SMU with my red and blue outfit.

SMU is so uniform that every building has this same red brick, whereas Texas State had all sorts of random looking buildings.

It was 80 degrees again and super muggy. I didn't really bother with my hair today cause I knew the humidity would kill it anyhow so I ended pinning the half of my hair that wouldn't curl this morning and ended up looking kinda like my beautiful cousin Vanessa, which is NEVER a bad thing, let me tell you.

Just FYI, since I got Lasik in September, I have to wear my sunglasses outside ALL the TIME. It's cool, but kind of annoying since I'm going to have the same sunglasses on in every picture I take outside. I'll just have to get creative.

I went thrift shopping today and got all sorts of goodies. The thrill of thrift shopping is such an addiction. I feel like the people on "Extreme Couponing". Everyone at the store already watches me like I'm a crazy person taking my overflowing shopping cart in the dressing room, might as well get a camera on me too. Oh and I did get called out by one of the workers for taking my shopping cart in the dressing room- it's happened before so I wasn't too phased. Anyway, I can't wait to show off my savings- clothing style.

We played racquetball last night and I'm seriously so ridiculous when I play. I mean...I'm bad. REAL bad, but it's fun so I don't mind.

Good things are on the horizon. I can feel it.

{Currently listening to: Coldplay-Mylo Xyloto}

{Jeans: Forever 21 ($10.80), T-Shirt: Thrifted ($1.59), Shoes: Urban Outfitters ($10.80), Jacket: Thrifted ($4.80), Necklace: Forever 21, ($3.80), Sunglasses: Target (16.99)}

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