Wednesday, November 16, 2011

White Rock

Hey, I'm an awkward grandma...or at least I look like one in this picture. I'm seriously trying so hard to get some decent pictures but the focusing without a person on hand is kind of difficult. I'm not an amazing photographer like my sisters Carisa and Chase, but I'm going to do my best.

OH and I totally had my second "I stepped in mud" moment today (it happened yesterday too). See...

It was such a lovely day out at White Rock Lake. We finally got some cool weather, but I know for every two days of cool weather, we get five days of warm. Whatever, I'll take it!

Getting this jacket for $19.99 at Target was such a hassle. There was a rack of twelve or so jackets that were marked down, so of course I tried it on in a "Medium", it fit, and I gladly checked out with my purchase along with some other items. Unfortunately, the jacket rang up for $44.99 and I promptly returned the jacket thinking that perhaps I just made up that it was $19.99 in the first place. After returning it, I almost left the store, but thought "You're not crazy, Ani. Go check the rack again." So I checked the rack and sure enough I found THREE jackets listed at three different prices, $19.99, $39.99, and $44.99. However, they were all the exact same jacket, or so I thought.

I talked to a Target employee who was just as confused as I was and after ten minutes of bringing another employee and a manager to the register, they realized that the the SKU's were different because these were three different generations of the jacket (which were all entirely identical) and this lovely Target employee found me my size at the discounted price. The whole experience made me grateful to this Target employee for even caring enough to find me the discounted jacket. Anyway, yet another reason I never buy anything at full price.

I can't believe how much I am loving school right now. I mean, it's the calm before the storm, no doubt, but my systematics class has been so formative for me, I just have the confidence that I'll get through the next few weeks.

After taking a three week break from my piano lessons, I picked back up today. It was a little rough getting back into it but it was sweet catching up with my teacher and it felt good to be playing again.

I can't wait to be with my family next week. I miss them entirely too much.

Till tomorrow...

{Currently listening to: Switchfoot-Vices Verses}

{Shirt: Plato's Closet, ($8.00), Skirt: Thrifted, ($1.59), Jacket: Target, (19.99), Shoes: Target, ($14.99), Tights: Target, ($5.00), Belt: Thrifted, ($1.99), Necklace: (same as 11/15), Sunglasses: (same as 11/15)}


Sarah said...

Aww you look so amazing, I love your jacket and the print of your shirt :).


Ani said...

Thanks Sarah! Thanks also for your awesome blogging tips!

Chase Barrington said...

Okay so that's a ridiculous Target story! I can't believe stores get away with ripping people off like that. Just think about how much they're profiting off of the 45 dollar jackets!! So glad you were smart enough to go back and check out the situation!!

Also, you're the sweetest to tag me in this. But I truly LOVE reading your blog, and the pictures make every post! You're doing an awesome job!