Monday, November 14, 2011

Sister Sun you bring out the day...

So here goes my first post. It's been an amazing day. It was a balmy 82 degrees when I took these photos this morning in my backyard and I couldn't help but be annoyed because I spent all weekend looking at some amazing ladies fashion blogs (all of whom are in lovely fall weather). I was hoping my first posts would be fall weather, but alas, Texas doesn't really get "fall" weather. You would think I'd be used to it growing up in Texas and all, but the truth is it hurts a little more every year that we don't get cooler weather very often.

In other news, it was my last night of my, Introduction to Philosophy: Divine Action and Divine Agency, class. Haha. Just reading the title makes me realize how much I'm glad I took this class. It's been quite the journey, but we've still got another week and a half in my other classes. This has by far been my strongest semester in terms of grades, improvement on writing, and altogether keeping myself together. My favorite professor even told me that I've greatly improved since my first year...I could stop my degree now and just be content with that honestly, but I'm going to see this through. I'm so ready.

This dress cost me an entire $2.00. My favorite thrift store in Dallas pretty much comes through every time I shop there. Not to mention I shop on the days that clothing is 40% off so I'm ULTRA cheap. It's actually kind of funny cause it's a kid's dress from Target, which I wore to church a few Sunday's ago and one of the youth told me she had the same dress. I thought I should feel embarrassed but...I didn't. Till tomorrow...

{Currently listening to: John Mark McMillan-Economy}

{Dress: Thrifted Xhiliration from Target, Shoes: H&M, Flower Hairpiece: Forever 21}

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