Thursday, November 17, 2011

The Village

There's a fountain coming out of my head!

I don't know if you can tell, but I was about to take this picture and this duck started to walk up to me so this expression was genuine. Too bad he was camera shy.

Well today was simply gorgeous. There's no other way to describe it. The weather was perfect to the point where I almost decided to skip classes and ditch my responsibilities, but I got all that energy out taking pictures at The Village. I might have wanted to skip class also because the semester really is winding down to the point where it's tempting to put off reading, which I did all week and had to make up for it today.

Despite the fact that I'm doing wonderfully, I'm realizing today how fragile life is. I have friends going through situations where all I can do is pray.

Anyhow, this was my first time wearing jeggings and I gotta admit, I didn't know if I was going to like them cause I love tights and I love jeans so I was thinking surely I'll like jeggings right? I honestly just hate saying the word so I never wanted to buy them, but dang they are comfortable and warm which was perfect for this super cold 50 degree weather. ;) I bought them at full price along with my shoes and dress, so talk about going against my nature. The truth is with shoes, tights, belts etc I don't mind paying full price especially because they're all items that you're ideally going to wear multiple times. Makes sense, right?

Also, I scored this Fossil purse at Goodwill for $20! I was quite annoyed with myself because I walked out of the store without it because I was appalled that Goodwill was charging me so much for a purse (Goodwill does tend to be slightly more expensive than other stores I frequent) but then I got in my car, realized that a Fossil purse is normally anywhere from $80-$300, so I might be a little crazy for not just buying the purse. So I walked back in the store and bought it.

Till tomorrow...

{Currently listening to: The Civil Wars-Barton Hollow}

{Dress: Forever 21 ($15.99), Jeggings: Target ($10.00), Boots: Target ($34.00), Belt (came with dress), Sweater: Plato's Closet ($8.00), Necklace: Thrifted ($2.99), Earrings: Thrifted ($1.99)}

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