Thursday, May 10, 2012

C'mon Ani

Right as I started to pose for this picture Austin said, "Typical 'Ani' pose".  Indeed.

So I don't wear overalls often, but when I do, "C'mon Eileen" is stuck in my head all day. Too-rah-loo-rah-Too-rah-loo-rye-yaaaaay. Ah Dexy's Midnight Runner's, why was this your only memorable song? 

Right?!  So when I walked into the kitchen wearing this outfit this morning, Austin looked at me and said, "Nice overalls."  I said, "Are you making fun of my overall's or are you saying you like them?" and he said, "Both." So that's that.  However, the outfit was perfect for a day of cleaning and running errands. Also, in perfect Ani fashion, the tag was still on the overalls as I was wearing them.  

I realize I've taken quite the hiatus from blogging, but in that time I finished my FINAL semester of seminary therefore all is so, SO well in my life now that I'm done with school.  I don't actually graduate till next year, but it pretty much feels like I'm done.  Plus, I have an amazing job and my family is coming to Dallas tomorrow (minus the brother and future sister-in-law, waaah) so we'll get to celebrate all of these blessings together. 

Here is to finishing school, blogging again and living life to its fullest.

{Overalls: Thrifted ($6.56), T-Shirt: old (?), Shoes: Urban Outfitters ($10.00)}


Shes Dressing Up said...

Love the dungarees! Now I have Come On Eileen in my head, haha

The Midwest Muse said...

I'm not crazy about overalls, but I certainly don't hate them on you. I think they work very well. Which is weird 'cause I never thought I'd say that. And congrats on basically being done! I can't imagine how happy you are feeling and welcome back!

Ani said...

@She's Dressing Up- Thank you. I secretly love that song. Totally digging your blog!

@Midwest Muse- Thanks, they're comfortable more than anything else and thanks for the welcome back! I'm excited to get back into blogging. Hope you are doing great!