Thursday, May 31, 2012

Thrifty Thursday

I had an extremely successful morning thrifting today and I felt the need to share! Enjoy!

So, I never thrift on Thursday's because of work/school etc. but I went today and I found some amazing stuff.  Considering my challenge for last week of wearing only seven items of clothing, I found it hilarious that when I finally went thrifting I bought at least 14 items.  As always, puts things in perspective cause while I want to dress simply, it's also tough to pass up clothes when they're so darn affordable and cute.

I'd been pining after a jean vest to wear over summery dresses and found this one found in the first picture for $2.99 along with a simple tan and black polka dotted skirt for $1.99.  Both were found at Value World.

The two pairs of high waisted shorts were also items I'd been hoping to find thrifting. One of my youth told me that I should just buy guys jeans and make them into cutoffs, but this ended up being even more convenient.  The jean shorts were $3.93 and the striped navy shorts were $6.56 which is more than I would normally spend on shorts honestly, but I just couldn't walk away from them.  Found those at Casa View Thrift.

Two other unreasonably priced items were the floral tank and the tan vest.  Again, I tried to walk away but I couldn't.  I blame the few weeks I took off from thrifting. I justified the tan vest by saying that I could always pair it with a dress or a tank and make it work the money I'd spent.  No excuses on the floral tank. I just really liked it.  Both were also bought at Casa View.

And finally, the white Gap 1969 legging jeans, the mint Merona dress and the JCrew leopardish print mini.  They were all too expensive $6.99, $4.99 and $4.99, in their respective order.  I justified those purchases by reminding myself that at their original retail price they'd probably be more like this, this, and this.  Ok that last one wasn't quite the same but I hope you get the idea.  These were bought at the Rescue Thrift store whose money goes to the Texas Regional Animal Rescue, so all I could hear was Sarah McLachlan singing "Angel" and I visualized the precious animals that needed me to spend money to provide for their continued existence on earth.  Not buying these clothes would have been inexcusable. I'm saving animal lives here. 

Have I mentioned how much I LOVE thrifting?  Dallas, specifically is a splendid city to thrift in.  It's full of affluent people who get rid of their clothes every week after wearing them for half a day and then pass them on to less affluent people like me! 

Hope you're having a wonderful Thursday too!



Velveteen Mint said...

I think this is probably the best thrifting haul I have ever seen! I never find stuff this good at the thrift stores close to me in Houston so I usually end up going to Buffalo Exchange which can be over priced sometimes for used clothing. Jealous!

Ani said...

@Velveteen Mint- Thank you! I love Buffalo Exchange too but I find so much at thrift stores here in Dallas that I can't help but stick to em.