Thursday, December 15, 2011

All is Full of Love

All is full of love today. My outfit says so. Well my outfit is full of hearts and hearts mean love so there.

These last few days have been full of bad weather. We've had straight up gloomy, depressing days that make me want to watch entire seasons of shows on Netflix and never get out of bed, but I've done my best to work against that. Hopefully tomorrow will be bright and beautiful. Oh and did I mention I'll be in COLORADO soon? I cannot wait.

We had a great team meeting today for church and I really felt like we laid great groundwork for next year. I feel like I can say this publicly, but I am so grateful for the team that I work with and for their heart for ministry. It's just incredible.

So I love this skirt for many reasons. 1) It's got cheesy hearts on it. 2) It fits me perfectly 3) the second button is missing so the person who gave it away just pinned it with a safety pin. I was so cheap that the first time I saw it at the thrift store, I went on a a day that the women's clothing didn't have an additional discount so I left it thinking, "surely no one else will want this ridiculous skirt" Sure enough, no on else wanted this ridiculous skirt. I went back on 50% off women's clothing day and got this skirt for $1.50. Now I know what you're thinking...The skirt was only $3! But it is seriously, it's so difficult for me to buy clothes on a normal day. I'm addicted to the additional discount days. I know, I'm crazy.

It's been a great day AND the Stars just won against the Islanders so, I'm a happy gal. Can't wait for Austin to be done with school so we can officially start our Christmas break!


Ani "I love wearing hearts" B.

{Shirt: Thrifted [h&m] ($1.59), Skirt: Thrifted ($1.50), Cardigan: F21 (?), Jacket: Target similar ($19.99), Tights: ?, Shoes: h&m ($12.95), Beanie: F21 ($4.99), Belt: Thrifted ($1.99)}