Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Autumn Bridge

Well friends, all I can say is...I don't like any of these pictures. I'm ready for a haircut and some trips to the gym, that is for sure.

It's just one of those crazy days. It was so cold for Texas today. Honestly, I can't believe Austin and I talk about living in Colorado or Canada cause I'm such a pansy when it comes to cold weather.

I'm so excited that I'm almost done with school. I have one more final which is a take home but I'm totally acting like I'm done. I'll get it done.

I'm so tired, so I'm out. Hope you're staying warm by a fire, a loved one or that you're wearing a onesie to keep you warm like my sock monkey onesie.

Till tomorrow...

{Dress: Thrifted ($4.59), Jacket: Gift, Belt: Came with a dress, Sweater Tights: Target ($12.00), Boot Socks: Target ($5.00), Boots: Target ($34.00), Necklace: F21 ($4.99), Scarf: Target ($4.99)}

1 comment:

Chase Barrington said...

I think all these pictures are great and your hair always looks wonderful. I am so proud of you for completing nearly all of your finals!! :D