Wednesday, December 7, 2011

What A Burger

I'm finally happy with some of the pictures I took because 1) It was gorgeous outside today 2) I got my remote working at 2 second pauses 3) I found a deserted WhatABurger to play at.

I absolutely love this dress that I got yesterday at St. Vincent DePaul, but I didn't realize much short it was. Once I put a belt around my waist, it got even shorter so perhaps pants or jeggings will make more sense next time.

It's funny, but it seems that because of my upbringing (you know Christian + my tomboyish nature), I tend to feel like I'm showing too much skin or being scandalous where most people wouldn't feel that way. In fact the other day, a friend of mine and I, went out on a "girls night" and we both kept saying how scandalous we felt. We were both in super cute dresses, patterned tights like these and during our drive, we both kept saying that we were dressed so scandalously. Of course, once we got to the bar where her friend's band was playing, we realized that compared to some of the other ladies apparel, ours was almost prudish. Needless to say, I think as long as I'm staying true to myself, I'm not going to fret over whether or not people think I look scandalous (cause that's normally where my insecurity lies). It's tough when you're in ministry, too, cause of that whole "not causing your brother to stumble" thing. Anyhow, these are just a few of the things I get to think about being a young woman who loves fashion AND Jesus.

So I wanted everyone to witness my St. Vincent DePaul frequent buyer card. When I walked up to the register with my full cart this Tuesday (on 40% off day), it felt like every other Tuesday at SVDP, but in turned out to be a magical transaction. This woman, who I literally see every week, took one look at me and my cart and said, "Oh honey, please tell me you have a frequent buyer's card." To which of course I said, "Frequent buyer's card?! How has no one told me about this?!" She signed me up and I got 50% off of my entire transaction. Needless to say, I could not stop thanking her for making my day.

Moving on, I'm so excited because I'm going to knock out my final tomorrow, get a haircut on Friday and hopefully see my amazing cousin and sister next week when they come visit me.

Considering I'm about to have a glorious break from school, I will hopefully be blogging with more excellence, creativity and content. Hope you'll be up for it. I know I am!

Till tomorrow...

{Dress: Thrifted ($3.50), Jacket: Thrifted [Gap]($5.00), Tights: ?, Boots: Target ($34.00), Necklace: Thrifted ($2.99), Sunglasses: Ross ($4.99)}

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