Sunday, December 4, 2011

Christmas Doll

A lady at church this morning saw me as I was standing on stage in front of our Christmas tree and said that I looked like a Christmas doll. First of all, I'm not sure what a Christmas doll is. Second of all, I'm not entirely sure how a life-sized Christmas doll would go over in church, but I think I may have pulled it off today.

Pretty sure I was telling Austin, "It's so cold," which, annoyingly, becomes a filler statement of the obvious when it's cold outside.

During winter, I'm totally a Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer lookalike. As you can tell, it was quite chilly (AND rainy) all day so my red nose is here to stay.

I'm sitting in front of a lit fireplace as I type and I honestly feel good about my final tomorrow, so I figured what better time to make a quick blog update?!

Austin snapped these pictures (very quickly) after lunch at Chipotle, which is like a second home for us. He's addicted to Chipotle and I am an enabler of his addiction. Ah, the things love will make you do.

So now I am so looking forward to these winter days ahead so I can finally wear some winter outfits. I'd been waiting to wear this jacket which I scored at Target for $20.00 almost a month ago. It was already on sale and then I had $5 off outerwear coupon. I saw it on sale at Target just yesterday so if you like it, I say run and grab it. The hood is huge if you can't tell.

Also, these Target tights are brown, but it's difficult to tell. The dress was a gift that my mom got me almost four years ago from a boutique in Fredericksburg. I still love it.

Our electric guitarist made a jab at my "30's looking shoes" and I proceeded to show him the bottom of my shoe where the price of $3.99 was written on the sole. I felt pretty cool.

Ok, I'm going to get back to it.

Till tomorrow..

{Dress: Gift from my madre, Shoes: Thrifted ($3.99), Sweater Tights: Target ($12.00), Jacket: Target ($20.00)}


Kayla said...

I am so very excited to have discovered that you have a blog Ani! A hobby it seems we share in common :) You look fantastic! I hope everything is going well!

Cari said...

You are cute. Duh. Hands down.