Tuesday, December 13, 2011

What I See

I took my pictures early today and it turned out to be a good thing because after I was done, it was a dreary, misty mess outside. I went to the gym and as the mist was swirling all around me, I felt like Austin was gleaking on me, not like a gleek (of the show Glee, of course), but like when one sprays you with their spit in a showery mist. He does it often and that's what mist feels like to me so I'm glad I got my pictures out of the way.

Can I just say that I am watching the "Threat Level Midnight" episode of The Office and it may be one of my favorite Office episodes EVER?! Well except for, The Dundies, Benjamin Franklin and Traveling Salesmen. Seriously though, I love this show.

Today was a splendid day. We filmed a New Year's resolution video for church which should be pretty funny. I went to a Lasik appointment and was told my eyes are perfect. I don't think I've ever heard those words come out of a doctor's mouth. Especially considering I've been a nerdy, four-eyed gal since I was in 1st grade. My vision was terrible and the laser surgery was such a good call for me. Austin did it too so we're feeling pretty cool with our laser eyes.

Band rehearsal was perfect tonight too. We're doing mostly Christmas songs this week and honestly, despite hearing variations of absolutely TERRIBLE renditions of Christmas songs this year, (Are they getting worse or is it just me?), I am so excited about singing Christmas carols. Last year, we had to have Christmas in Dallas with my family and Paul and I got to lead some Christmas carols. It was just so fun. The year before Paul and my sister led some at our annual Christmas eve party. There's just something so incredible about getting together and singing songs that everyone knows and that have such a precious message.

I guess I'm finally getting in the Christmas spirit. I told Austin I didn't even want to bother with the Christmas tree since we weren't actually going to be here on Christmas or the entire week before. So he called me "Scrooge." I suppose being in Colorado next week will help that quite a bit cause we'll be in 20 degree weather and wintery paradise. I can't wait!! So, here's to getting in the Christmas spirit.


Ani Scrooge

{Shirt: F21 ($5.00), Cardigan: Plato's Closet ($6.00), Jeans: Thrifted [GAP] ($5.00), Belt: F21 (came with a dress), Flats: Roxy old, Earrings: Target: ($7.99), Sunglasses: Target ($16.99)}

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